Sunday, May 4, 2014

The King of Ezram

2/12/2018 - "THE KING OF EZRAM"
Submitted first two chapters to for critiques. Received lots of good reviews. This work is slated to be one of four works in the Anthology "Destination: Infinity".

2/12/2018 - "THE KING OF EZRAM"
 Rewrite in progress. Not that there's anything drastically wrong with the story as it is, but there's been one sticking point in part of the plot. After a full rewrite it bothered me enough to go off and find a way to explain the complete back story in three or four pieces that would be added in throughout the story maintaining the systematic plot development. In the process I've added quite a bit to the word count but had to rip out several sections to make it fit properly. I've also decided to change the title slightly to make it more germane.

At present this work is to be incorporated into an anthology along with "Little Ann", "A Light in the Window", and "Destination: Infinity". No date has been set for publication.

12/11/2014 - "THE BOOK OF EZRAM"

Will consist of three sections (unless I change my mind!).

For those of you coming back to read the latest EZRAM blog posting, you will note that I have changed everything! That's because I have decided to turn this into a multiple segment story.

This is the latest on the book cover for all the novellas (or whatever size they end up being) combined.

Section One - The House of Ezram
      This is the story of Hugo and Sally and how he is kidnapped and brought into the world of The House of Ezram, the place where he was born. Throughout the story he slowly comes to realize his heritage and the destiny that his parents had planned for him. But as he learns about his past, he also leans about his families enemies and the dangers that abound in this seemingly pristine paradise. He is surprised when he is confronted by his older brother; a brother that is under orders to kill both of them. Both Hugo and Sally escape back to a place where they believe no one will find them. Sally is bitten by a poisonous insect and he takes her back to Earth for treatment. By the time she recovers both Harold and Vlad have caught up with them and Hugo finally understands what he needs to do. This is where the first story ends.

Section two - The King of Ezram
     The first section has already been published on, and serves as the beginning segment. In this section we pick up with the life of Hugo and Sally 10 years and three kids later as they are finishing their tour of duty, so to speak, as the King and Queen of Ezram. For the future I hope to expand on the use of the dimensional traveler, maybe a quick stop back to visit George the Pterodactyl.

Section Three - Destinies Children
     The third section will be titled (still subject to change) Destinies Children. The intent here is to continue seveeral years after our hero and heroine have stepped down from their exalted position and resumed their lives among the normal folk of their realm. Think that will be easy?
The title alludes to the antics and adventures of their children along with Vlad's and possibly the use of the dimensional traveler as well. As I gaze into my crystal ball things are still a little misty and I haven't finished part two yet!

M. L. Humphrey