Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Other Side of the Mirror (horror)

The Other Side of the Mirror

Submitted to for critique, takes 3-4 weeks in the queue before being seen by the members. Received about 11 critiques ranging from good to bad but still gleaned some good comments overall. The biggest challenge, other then the English language, was keeping it within the boundary of less than 5,000 words; some places prefer less than 3,000 but sometimes the story wants to be the size it is. Who am I to tell the story it can't be what it wants to be?

 Re-edited again. Tried smoothing out and decided to try once more. Submitted to another publisher but they won't begin looking and the submissions until 1-31-2018, and that's today.

I have removed all of the previous entries to this blog entry as they no longer portray the finished storyline. It the year since I first conceived it, the story has decided what it wants to be, even though I, at first, resisted even the thought of writing it. At one point about a year ago I posed the plot to a mental health provider (not for me, for someone else) and she said the story would give her nightmares. I know what part of my mind conjured it but that's not why I finally decided to do it. I convinced myself it was an opportunity to try my hand at horror. Sadly it has been rejected twice but I've kept submitting and I have the hopes it will eventually be accepted.