Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Other Side of the Mirror (horror)

The Other Side of the Mirror

 Re-edited again. Tried smoothing out and decided to try once more. Submitted to another publisher but they won't begin looking and the submissions until 1-31-2018, and that's today.

I have removed all of the previous entries to this blog entry as they no longer portray the finished storyline. It the year since I first conceived it the story has decided what it wants to be even though I at first resisted even the thought of writing it. At one point about a year ago I posed the plot to a mental health provider (not for me, for someone else) and she said that would give her nightmares. I know what part of my mind conjured it but that's not why I finally decided to do it. I convinced myself it was an opportunity to try my hand at horror. Sadly it has been rejected twice but I've kept submitting and I have the hopes it will eventually be accepted.