Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beneath the Stars Above (available at amazon.com)

(genre: light fantasy)

Is now available through amazon.com, just visit: [ https://www.amazon.com/Beneath-Stars-Above-M-L-Humphrey/dp/1548970042/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1505773753&sr=1-1&keywords=beneath+the+stars+above ]

Working on the final edit of the formatted text from the publisher; this is my last chance to make sure all is OK. I have picked the cover from 3 that the publisher choose for my consideration.

This story is about the life of Parker Morley and his dream of becoming a journalist. Toward that end he has to overcome his fathers objections, Henry Morley wanted his son to follow in his foot steps and become an engineer but Parker's mind was made up; he wanted to go to Bendix University to study journalism. No, it wasn't at all easy to do. First he had to pass the board of admissions and Eddie Thornton. But that was just the beginning.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Cornish Talisman Series (books 1 - 5) Published

Book 1: The Orphan from Space          (Jan 2014)
Book 2: The Crystal Crowns                (Aug 2014)
Book 3: Return to Earth                        (Oct 2014)
Book 4: Betrayal on Gruentok              (May 2015)
Book 5: Galactic Quest                         (Sept 2016)

The Cornish Talisman Series started with the story about a young man that inherits his grand father's farm and finds a spaceship hidden in one of the barns. I even had a couple of chapters written and a couple of the main characters defined. The title "My Grandfathers Spaceship".
Catchy title don't you think? But, as usual, I found the story had a different idea and kept teasing me to change focus. Then came my first decision on where the story was headed all based on my first sticking point. Sticking points, you know, those things in a story that just reach out like thorns behind the roses and keep jabbing at you.Anyway, I changed direction and decided to tell the story behind how the spaceship came to be hidden in the barn and of course where it had come from.

Well, it rapidly developed into a space yarn involving a fifteen year old boy aboard a family owned and operated survey ship that discovers a long abandoned ship of the Predecessors. The Predecessors were an ancient group of beings that vanished long before present humanity developed space travel. All three families aboard their ship have children and our young hero is also not the oldest.
Arial is three years older and the captain's daughter. She treats him like a child, and he, of course, is madly in love with her. It is a twisted set of circumstances that leaves our young Jasom marooned on Earth and living at an abandoned farm in Nashua, Montana in our year of 1952. He is lost, alone, and doesn't know if he'll ever see his family again. Circumstances have a way working things out and our young orphan is taken in by a childless couple who run the local store in town. Years go by without a word from his parents as he blends into the local school system and eventually starts college.The title has a further allusion to which you will have to read to find out.

At the end of book 1 "The Orphan from Space", I split the story line between book 2, "The Crystal Crowns", and book 3, "Return to Earth". Time wise, book 2 recombines with the main story line near the end of book 3. However, book 4 "Betrayal on Gruentok" begins at the end of book 2 and intersects near the middle of  book 5 "Galactic Quest".  So far, its been a span of almost 9 years since the beginning of book 1. Many new characters have been added along the way and several threads have been left hanging. Galactic Quest does more than just close the threads, it brings the story of Jasom and Arial to a turbulent but happy ending.

Which brings me back to "My Grandfathers Spaceship", the original story. I've toyed with the idea and developed a somewhat plausible story line that would pick up nearly 50 years after the first series closes and centers on the grandson of Jasom and Arial. There would also be some characters from the original books along with a delightful clone of the Cornish Talisman's AI Cornell.

(see the blog on My Grandfather's Spaceship for more details)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Destination: Infinity -- formerly [Ring Bell for Service]


This project is in full scale edit, about 80% done. It is destined to be the title novella in an anthology I hope to publish within the next several months. The story remains unchanged in theme but has undergone edits to work out the bugs.


This started off as a short story but has grown substantially since. Based somewhat loosely on a   story I read back in the 60's, the title for which I have long forgotten. It begins with a travel agency setting where our unsuspecting hero decides he would like to spend his vacation at a calm and peaceful setting. Something like warm weather, sunny skies and a beach sipping on lots of umbrella drinks, the friendly natives fishing on the clear placid waters.

But too much of a good thing has changed his mind; he has become bored with the idyllic setting.  A little more adventure is what he really wants and decides to switch to a tour. Think "it's Tuesday so I must be somewhere else". Places like a mountain resort, a medieval theme park, or maybe a swampland playground await our eager traveler; just punch the button and be prepared to be amazed. In like manner, all you the reader have to do is turn the page and be amazed as well.

Now that's all fine and good, but what would happen if you, some where along the tour, missed your boat or got on the wrong boat? Where would you end up?

Sound like fun? Then join Mr. Rogers as he gets just what he asked for, and so much more.

After much work gathering the pieces, I've massaged and clipped and glued and pasted together what appears to me to be a very appropriate cover for this story. (shown above)

OK, let me say that "Ring Bell for Service" is coming along very nicely. First major edit begged a slight clarification to the ending and nearly another thousand words to support it. The overall storyline is smoothing out and the flow runs the gamut of emotions ending in both sacrifice and new beginnings.

As an extra tidbit, let's just say that some of the stops aren't quite what they are supposed to be as our Mr. Phil Rogers learns, the hard way. You may scream now if you wish.