Monday, August 3, 2015

Across the Chasm of Time (Landfall and Discovery)

ACROSS THE CHASM OF TIME: Landfall & Discovery

  2 Sept 2015 - This will be the first time in print for this story that I wrote a few years back. This is a rewrite of my first project called "For Lorne". I've changed the name because there have been several changes on how it was put together. The two parts to this story are thousands of years apart but come together when you least expect it too. The cover art the publisher came up with is quite gooe, don't you think? It is very reminiscent of the original cover (see blog on For Lorne).

When I wrote For Lorne I had to cut out several sections that didn't lend themselves well to the plot. One of those sections became Little Ann, the story of Ann's life before she met Daniel; the other became another story called Colony which I haven't finished writing yet. There is a deep seated reason for not continuing with it, but I'll get over that in time, the plot is all planned out as is the surprise ending.

Shortly after I finished For Lorne, I wrote its sequel which will be next on the list to be sent to the publisher. The sequel ties up all of the loose ends, the ones you didn't notice that were still left hanging, in this story while adding in a whole new group of characters some of which make up a secret organization that was only hinted at in the first book. Trust me, you will enjoy how the sequel neatly ties it all together in a pretty little package.

Chronological sequence of the Chasm of Time Series.

Under the Double Suns - available as an ebook from Barnes & Noble
Landfall - soon to be published in "Across the Chasm of Time"
Colony - partially written
Little Ann - soon to be published in "Four for Tomorrow"

Discovery - soon to be published in "Across the Chasm of Time"
The 5th Agent - available as an ebook from Barnes & Noble

Friday, July 24, 2015

Five for Tomorrow

 Here it is folks, "Five for Tomorrow" my very first collection to be published. There are, of course, five stories of varying length and a very short bonus story. They are a mixture of ghost stories, pure science fiction, and farcical fantasy; and two of these have never been published before.


Little Ann - The story of a young orphan girl being brought up by Aunt Margaret, a distant relative. Their nomadic existence is a constant challenge for the young girl as she struggles to cope. But one summer she meets someone very special; someone who will watch over her, even from the grave.

Interview with the Dungeon Master - A young reporter is sent on assignment to interview the master of the King's dungeon. But the Master was stoned out of his mind and he would have to settle for the Sergeant instead.

The House of Ezram - Hugo was brought up by his parents to be a loner. But even lonely guys fall in love. But this was not just any young girl, Sally Fisher was very special. And she hid a very deep secret from Hugo, he would have to figure it out on his own.

Uncle Phid's Closet - a short story about a young boy who meets a friend in the dressing room of an old theater that has been converted into his Uncle's mortuary.

The Observer - Meet Mr. Marvin Rolla , a man living a secret identity in the small town of Towson, Indiana. His job is to observe the people and all that goes on around him. Life can be tense when
you keep moving from place to place and paranoia can be a problem. Mix that with a controlling  socialite and strange things can happen.

Ring Bell for Service - Mr. Phil Rogers is a man tired and run down from life in the city. All he really wanted, he thought, was a vacation. But his ideal setting of a hammock, a warm sea breeze, plenty of umbrella drinks served by a cute native girl was just to boring. He just wanted something just a little more exciting. Be careful what you wish for.

I don't know exactly when it will be coming out, but I am very excited about this one.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Adventures of Morley

Plain and Simple

Yes, if you've read this post to the bottom you'll note that I mentioned doing a complete Morley book. And I have got a good start on just that with this as yet titled project. This starts as young Parker Morley, aged 8, has already had the urge to be a journalist; even though his father does not approve. It continues through to his college days at Bendix University culminating with Senior week and the challenge of the Princess of Moag Award. His first weeks on the job where he is tasked with an Interview with the dungeon master. This is followed by an interview with the Lord of Ahren Castle and right now, finishes with Morley and the Beauty Pageant. There are many threads in the background that finally bring him to...   Well, that would be giving it away!

For the cover I've some ideas but haven't spent the time to see if I can actually create them or not.

This next entry is an idea I woke up with one morning and it tormented me constantly until I wrote it down. I think the title tells it all, it is a fantasy story taking place in the kingdon of King Fortane involving a reporter named Morley whose assignment is to interview the Dungeon Master. I put this together in less than a week.
This is my first excursion into the world of fantasy as you may well guess by the title. Mr. Gabble, an editor for a local paper in the kingdom of King Fortane, has been given the assignment of doing a feature piece based on an interview with the Master of the King's Dungeon.
Now you may think this seems like an easy task, but Morley has no idea where the dungeon is or how to get there; but he knows someone who may. And that's when the fun begins as Morley literally drops into the dungeons to find himself face to face with the real Master of the Dungeon, Sergeant Tern Klugg. Together they descend through the several levels of the dungeon as the sergeant gives him the grand tour. Find out what happens to our hapless hero as he tries to survive 'Interview with the Dungeon Master'.
Available now at 


6/30/2015 - This is the second installment in the Morley series and finds our young and naive reporter out on another wild assignment, that of seeking an interview with none other than the Lord of Ahren Castle. Problem is no one has seen the lord in many, many years. Now, why did I write this one? Simple if you've already looked at what I had listed as the previous second installment. I had written a stupendously funny and graphic beginning and main body, but with a odd and somewhat unconnected, but extremely funny, part that introduced another character that was part of the main body. With the expanded set of characters and a weak link between those sections, I decided to write one to bring those characters to life before they get into the mayhem of the third story and to give me some time to figure out how I was going to pull it all together. This story is not the same as the other two stories  in that it is a bit darker and more emotional for our young hero.


3 Aug 2015 - This was the second Morley story I wrote, but it was unfinished and something about it bothered me. So, I set it aside and went on to other adventures such as dead mice in the closet, replacing the shower plumbing, and trading cars; so last night I decided to give it another go. A little editing and I got right back into it and finished it up with a very interesting ending; all except for one little piece, for which I don't have an answer, or question in this case, but hope to come up with a suitable one before long. Therefore, I have a couple of other story lines I want to pursue when I have the time.

After writing the first three adventures I decided it was time for a prequel to sort of set the stage for how Morley ended up working for Mr. XXX; and this meant going back to his college days.

(M-4) MORLEY ?

Will there be others? Of course; I've already come up with a few other interesting plots.Perhaps I'll eventually write a complete volume on the Tales of Morley. Who knows? At this point, not even Me.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Cornish Talisman Series

The Cornish Talisman Series started with the story about a young man that inherits his grand father's farm and finds a spaceship hidden in one of the barns. I even had a couple of chapters written and a couple of the main characters defined. It was going to be titled "My Grandfathers Spaceship". Catchy title don't you think?But, as usual, I find the story had a different idea and kept teasing me to change focus. Then came my first decision on where the story was headed all based on my first sticking point. Sticking points, you know, those things in a story that just reach out like thorns behind the roses and keep jabbing at you.Anyway, I changed direction and decided to tell the story behind how the spaceship came to be hidden in the barn and of course where it had come from.

Well, it rapidly developed into a space yarn involving a fifteen year old boy that discovers a real spaceship. As this is a family owned ship, and all three with children, our young hero is also not the oldest. Arial is three years older and the captains daughter and she treats him like a child; and he, of course, is madly in love with her. It is a twisted set of circumstances that lands our young Jasom marooned on a little farm in Nashua, Montana in 1952. He is lost, alone, and doesn't know if he'll ever see his family again. Circumstances have a way working things out and our young orphan is taken in by a childless couple who run the local store in town. Years go by without a word from his parents as he blends into the local school system and eventually starts college.The title has a further allusion to which you will have to read to find out.

At the end of book 1 "The Orphan from Space", I have split the plot between book 2, "The Crystal Crowns", and book 3, "Return to Earth". Time wise, book 2 recombines with the main storyline near the end of book 3. However, book 4 "Betrayal on Gruentok" begins at the end of book 2 and intersects near the middle of  book 5 "Galactic Quest", which is the story I'm presently working on. So far, its been a span of almost 9 years since the beginning of book 1.

Which brings me back to "My Grandfathers Spaceship", the original story. I've toyed with the idea and developed a somewhat plausible story line that would pick up nearly 50 years after book 1 and center on the grandson of Jasom and Arial. There would also be mention or cameos of Aunt Dora and Aunt Selda as elderly widows. However, at this time I have too many other projects and less time.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ring Bell for Service - categories: [ matter transmission | space / time travel | satire ]


 This started off as a short story but has grown substantially since. Based somewhat loosely on a   story I read back in the 60's, the title for which I have long forgotten. It begins with a travel agency setting where our unsuspecting hero decides he would like to spend his vacation at a calm and peaceful setting. Something like warm weather, sunny skies and a beach sipping on lots of umbrella drinks, the friendly natives fishing on the clear placid waters.

Too much of a good thing has changed his mind; he has become bored with the idyllic setting.  A little more adventure is what he really wants and decides to switch to a tour. Think "it's Tuesday so I must be somewhere else". Places like a mountain resort, a medieval theme park, or maybe a swampland playground await our eager traveler; just punch the button and be prepared to be amazed. In like manner, all you the reader have to do is turn the page and be amazed as well.

Now that's all fine and good, but what would happen if you, some where along the tour, missed your boat or got on the wrong boat? Where would you end up?

Sound like fun? Then join Mr. Rogers as he gets just what he asked for, and so much more.

After much work gathering the pieces, I've massaged and clipped and glued and pasted together what appears to me to be a very appropriate cover for this story. (shown above)

OK, let me say that "Ring Bell for Service" is coming along very nicely. First major edit begged a slight clarification to the ending and nearly another thousand words to support it. The overall storyline is smoothing out and the flow runs the gamut of emotions ending in both sacrifice and new beginnings.

As an extra tidbit, let's just say that some of the stops aren't quite what they are supposed to be as our Mr. Phil Rogers learns, the hard way. You may scream now if you wish.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Beneath the Double Suns [ Time Chasm series ]

Beneath the Double Suns - copyright 2014

Prototype Cover design (C) 2014 by M. L. Humphrey

     First let me say that this book contains pieces and parts from previous novels. There, with that said I can explain the reasoning behind it. Not interested? Doesn't matter, I'm going to explain it anyway.

     My very first novel was titled "For Lorne" and comprised of two separate story lines intertwined. Some people didn't like the way it bounced back and forth between what seemed like two unrelated stories, but I had a reason for doing it that way and if you have read my Authors Notes blog, I explained the whole rationale behind it. "Beneath the Double Suns" is now all of the back story from "For Lorne" and its rewrite "Across the Chasm of Time". When I consolidated "For Lorne" with its sequel "The 5th Agent", the front end became disjointed with respect to the rest of the book. I may change my mind and put a ghost section back in place of what I've removed, but only as a prelude that will line up chronologically with the end of this story.

     What can you expect from "Beneath the Double Suns"? I could say read it and find out, but I will tell you this much. If you've read "For Lorne" or "Across the Chasm of Time", this is the prequel and leads up to the main story line of Colony, which in turn forms the back story to For Lorne All of the parts relating to the treaty formed between the old Empire "Haurembeau" (formerly called He-Rah-Emp-To) and the building of the city of Lurandor on the fourth planet of the binary system of  Dracor have been moved to this project. Added to that are references to the survey ship For Lorne that landed on a primitive planet. Then mix in a few interesting characters and a good story line, and there you have it. One other thing I can say, without giving away any of the story line, is that not only have I changed the name of the empire, but I've also added first names to the characters aside from the suffix 'deau' for female and 'dor' for male. This is after all an alien/foreign culture; I can make up my own rules.

     Now this is also listed as the first book in the series even though it is the latest addition. Sequentially the next book would be "Colony" which is still in progress. It has grown in size with the addition of moving the For Lorne's landing on the planet and what happens to its crew and how they adapt to their surroundings. I know where that story is going, but I've been side tracked several times so it sits patiently, waiting for me to return.

     Sequentially speaking, "Little Ann" would be the next book in the series followed by "Beyond the Chasm of Time" (which comprises all of "For Lorne" and "The 5th Agent") which would be the capstone of the entire series.

     I'm beginning to think that the reason some authors have series is that there is more material in their original composition than they need, some of which actually doesn't really fit with the storyline they are working on so they create another book along the same lines from the scraps left over. I did that with "Little Ann" and again with this book.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Book of Ezram

12/11/2014 - "THE BOOK OF EZRAM"

Will consist of three sections (unless I change my mind!).
For those of you coming back to read the latest EZRAM blog posting, you will note that I have changed everything! That's because I have decided to turn this into a multiple segment story.

This is the latest on the book cover for all the novellas (or whatever size they end up being) combined.

Section One - The House of Ezram
      This is the story of Hugo and Sally and how he is kidnapped and brought into the world of The House of Ezram, the place where he was born. Throughout the story he slowly comes to realize his heritage and the destiny that his parents had planned for him. But as he learns about his past, he also leans about his families enemies and the dangers that abound in this seemingly pristine paradise. He is surprised when he is confronted by his older brother; a brother that is under orders to kill both of them. Both Hugo and Sally escape back to a place where they believe no one will find them. Sally is bitten by a poisonous insect and he takes her back to Earth for treatment. By the time she recovers both Harold and Vlad have caught up with them and Hugo finally understands what he needs to do. This is where the first story ends.

Section two - The King of Ezram
     The first part has already been published on, and serves as the beginning segment. In this part we pick up with the life of Hugo and Sally 10 years and three kids later as they are finishing their tour of duty, so to speak, as the King and Queen of Ezram.
I hope to expand on the use of the dimensional traveler, maybe a quick stop back to visit George the Pterodactyl.

Section Three - Destinies Children
     The third section will be titled (still subject to change) Destinies Children. The intent here is to continue seveeral years after our hero and heroine have stepped down from their exalted position and resumed their lives among the normal folk of their realm. Think that will be easy?
The title alludes to the antics and adventures of their children along with Vlad's and possibly the use of the dimensional traveler as well. As I gaze into my crystal ball things are still a little misty and I haven't finished part two yet!

M. L. Humphrey