Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Other Side of the Mirror (horror)

4-2-2017     The Other Side of the Mirror
Waited till today so you wouldn't think this is an April Fool's joke. I've had this story in the back of my mind for a few months now and it wants out! I'm not going to say to much about it other than it is my first real attempt at a horror story. Actually I've been resisting writing it and that's got to be the reason it hangs around. Well I've stepped lightly into fantasy with "Beneath Starry Skys" which is due out shortly, unless my publisher has dropped dead, and that was a fun piece to write; this one won't be.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Battle for Lurandor (Chasm of Time Series: Part One)

I've written quite a bit about the early life of Carson Karmador, one of the main characters, and its been an interesting write discovering how he came to be where he is. Pylie Ruilidor, the other main character, will get added to at the other end of the book. There are some other twists and unexpected turns coming for the rest of the story as well; and hopefully to finish of the Colony thread as well. I have some interesting thoughts on what is going to happen to them as well. You'll have to read the book to find out the biggest twist of all and how it ties back with the rest of the Chasm of Time books.

This is a new title for the merged contents of "Beneath the Double Suns", "Landfall", and "Colony"; all part of my master plan for the Chasm of Time Series.

The merger is complete but left several threads open. First is a logical conclusion to the Colony part which in turn wraps back around into the end of Double Suns. Plans are to flesh out the younger life of Carson Karmador before he became part of the Lurandor Security Service along with closing the whole shebang out with a closing segment featuring Commandant Ruilidor as he pieces all of the threads together and faces, headon, the last vestiges of the Harembeau on Lurandor. It will feel like an epic when its finished although not quite that in length. I'm also forming into four or five parts which will also take some time; it is like a Frankenstein's monster at present and needs to be cultivated into a Mona Lisa.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Across the Chasm of Time Sereies (Chasm of Time Series)

12 Feb2017 -My plans for this arc of story line have changed over time. This was my first endeavor into writing science fiction and I have never been content that it was finished. The post below shows all of the pieces. The original project contained both part 5 with pieces of part 2 scattered throughout the first half. I had so much fun doing that one that I immediately wrote the sequel (part 6) calling it "The Fifth Agent", a title picked by my grand daughter Olivia. I now had two good stories and some left over pieces that just didn't seem to fit, some from the ships landfall and some from Ann's past; I decided to see where those would go.

I took the pieces of Ann's younger self and created a separate story called "Little Ann". That story remains separate and stands on it own. The pieces from the aftermath of the ships landfall dealt more with the colonists left behind. I worked with those for some time but just didn't have the inspiration to do it justice so I shelved it for a time.

After doing several other projects I came up with the idea of where the whole story started and see what I could do with that. "Beneath the Double Suns" was the result but I still felt it wasn't complete.
Back to the inspirational drawing board, I went off and wrote a few short stories, some completed others not. During this period I delved into light fantasy on the one hand and dark psychological on the other. I even tried a few with weird twists.

The original stories "For Lorne" and "The 5th Agent" have been released in paperback and ebook as "Landfall & Discovery" and "Eagle's Flight". The far past parts had been separated from the present day story line and become parts 2 and 5; while Eagles Flight was just a name change.Then I had an inspiration.

After over thirty stories, some published, others not, I had the great thought: why not combine parts 1, 2, and 3, into one large story and make this a trilogy? Little Ann would stay as is, but combining the three parts turns out to be a great idea. Well, at least for now it does, I haven't finished it yet as there are several issues with the timing of events and how to make the ending work. I'm not worried yet, I've still lots of imagination to call on.

Across the Chasm of Time                                                                                                                   
Part 1: Beneath the Double Suns                           Part One:   Beneath the Double Suns/
Part 2: Landfall                                                                         Empire under the Suns
Part 3: Colony                                                        Part Two:   Discovery
Part 4: Little Ann                                                    Part three: The Fifth Agent
Part 5: Discovery
Part 6: Eagles Flight                                              Companion Novel: Little Ann

As you can see I haven't quite settled on a title for part one yet. As I've already used the "Across the Chasm of Time" title the trilogy would probably be called "Beyond the Chasm of Time" or "Out of the Depths of Time"; something along those lines.

All previous posting has been deleted. This thread continues in the "Battle for Lurandor" post!

Friday, June 17, 2016

I Am Victor Rogers (short story)

6/17/2016 - Yes, this is only a short story, and it has some other unique qualities as well. You will get a general gist of the story by reading the synopsis which ends with a modern version of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein's Monster" but with a slight twist. I could also list several things it doesn't have but that's sort of a negative logic to guess what it does have. Needless to say you'll have to read it to find out.
NOTE: There were well over 30 hits on this story the day I published it on smashwords. Later on I may include it in an collection of short stories.

Friday, March 25, 2016

My Grandfather's Spaceship [Companion to the Cornish Talisman series]

12 Nov 2016 - Except for editing I have finished writing the story. Things work out well for our young heroes after all. Sorry no more spoilers on the plot, but I'm leaving the ending open for a sequel if I ever decide to write one. There are a few things covered in this book that were left hanging at the end of the Cornish Talisman Series. I'll post a cover as soon as I have the time to create one and before I publish the completed manuscript.

8/9/2016 -The story is coming is doing well, kind of ran out of steam as it got toward the end and I haven’t decided quite how I want to end it. The cavalry has arrived and rounded up all the bad guys and our two young heroes have been sternly told that they are to go back to where they came from and far from their girl friends; and I know that Waldo will play a large role in that as well. I have some ideas but I'll save them for the story line.

7/2/2016 - Tried another tack on this story by expanding the background. Right now I'm quickly writing down all my thoughts and ideas and in the process I've established just who/what the Qweryl are. No spoilers here though as I continue to fill in the area around the creation and purpose of the Landovar Colony. and that is just the first step; I'm also looking into other ideas that could be coerced into becoming a part of this story. I might just be able to over whelm myself and create another novel.

6/17/2016 - Not much has happened with this story beyond the first several chapters. Why you may ask? Simply that I've run out of plot details at this point and wanted to work on another idea that I had. Well, that idea led to another idea and I'm now working on four different projects other than this one. Fear not though, it's still on my storyboard awaiting my return.


At this point I have written the first four chapters covering all that is described in the previous post. The title is now "My Grandfather's Spaceship" and combines both of the two previously planned books. Waldo kidnaps both Jeremy Kingston and Gordon Marks, his buddy from college to help him  rescue Alicia LeOnard (Elo and Pandors granddaughter). The next step they have to perform is plan the rescue of the Lisdon-Si, the ship that they were traveling on at the time. This turns out to be more than they bargained for as they track both the Qweryl and the ship back to Landovar, the world they had just left. No, I'm not going to give the whole plot away. There is so much more that happens in just the beginning that I haven't even mentioned. Don't worry, I'll give a few more hints later as soon as I find out what they are.


I’ve started writing the next book in the Cornish Talisman series, but it’s more of a companion novel than a continuation of the last five books. For one thing it takes place long after Jasom and Arial have retired and taken up residence back on the farm in Nashua, MT. The story revolves around the admiral’s grandson Jeremy, and the special small spaceship that he got as a retirement present. This cute little jewel has the latest in an AI who is aptly named Waldo. Waldo is packed with all of the latest technology that both Pandor and Jared had come up with over the years. So much that Waldo as actually capable of making his own decisions. To start it all off, the admiral has left on a farewell flight on the Cornish Talisman now under the command of (someone I haven’t decided on yet) leaving Waldo to mind the farm in their absence. A distress call comes in from a ship that has been attacked by the Qweryl not far from Earth. On board this ship are Elo and Pandor who were taking their granddaughter Alicia on a survey trip as a graduation present. Pandor tucks Alicia into a escape pod and sends her off toward Earth as they battle the invaders. Disaster strikes when the pod is damaged by hitting a large chunk of an asteroid. She climbs into the pods stasis unit (standard fare on all escape pods) as the pod broadcasts a distress signal toward Earth. Waldo hears the call but realizes he needs a physical person with him to perform the rescue so he kidnaps Jeremy and his buddy Gordon Marks. Although Jeremy’s father knows about his parents being from another planet he promised them he would never tell anyone else. Jeremy knows nothing about his grandparents past or that Waldo even exists.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Light in the Window

2/2/2017 - As a novella I'm considering adding this to a few others and publishing it that way. I've added rear legs to the table and it looks much better. No you will not find a picture of this anywhere else as it is my little monster, stitched together from several pieces of a much larger and more ornate piece of furniture.

6/17/2016 - I have finished the writing of this project and been through two edits. I still have some concerns about the dates I'm using in the beginning that don't match the documented dates later on.
As usual with some of these projects the plot defies what my original concept had planned for. I eventually gave in and valiantly continued writing. Result is now Novella sized and the ending has totally changed from what I had planned. That doesn't mean it's a bad ending though, I don't write bad endings; at least not that I'm aware off... My thanks go out to my son-in-law for parts of the European history that are alluded to but I did my own research on watch and music box makers.

5/20/2016 -First update since inception!
While working on other projects I am considering how to smooth out the wrinkles in this one. The first chapter, and the several others already written have become the lynch pins upon which I will finish this story. Even though the first chapter alludes to certain things they will eventually be proven to be misconceptions; if I told you more specifics that would ruin the story. As a short story I may or may not put together a cover image. More later on as to progress.


My bad! I put this post in place several weeks ago and never wrote a word in it.
This story was originally supposed to be dark and mysterious. So much for that. It has turned itself into more of a forbidden romance between the poor young inventor and the daughter of a rich man who has other plans for his young lady. Plans wrapped around money and power. Like many stories I've written the beginnings to, this one didn't want to go the way I wanted it do and I ended up with a tangled mess for a plot. So I threw in another character (or two) and changed direction. Yes, the beginning is dark and brooding and it makes you wonder just what the old man has in the bag and its history. I know who made it and what its history is, but its purpose may be more complicated than I originally anticipated. No, it won't be a long story, and for now I guess, the ending is not as bleak. I just haven't figured out who gets the girl in the end. Oh well.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beneath the Starry Skies (Morley: the complete saga)

8/9/2016 - Title change! I was never really happy with the title of this one and I think I've come up  with a better one. Instead of the complete saga, which at that time it wasn't, I think we're settled on Beneath the Starry Skies. I don't have a cover picture created as yet.

6/17/2016 - What we have here is the complete saga of Morley but with another chapter added and a new title. The complete saga worked for a starter and that's what it had when it was published on I hadn't considered sending it to Virgo for publishing but he picked this one over the other choice (Four for Tomorrow). I was somewhat pleased at that and although not my first foray into light fantasy mixed with comedy, it was one I had a lot of fun writing. You can read below to see how that progressed.
I can't give a publish date as yet, as this was the second of two projects that I sent in. The other was book 5 of the Cornish Talisman Series and it will be published first. See my blog post on that one for more information.

The Complete Sage

Well, after much struggling with punctuation, something that normally I don't have trouble with but this one was a Frankenstein. What do I mean by that? Well, over a year ago I had an idea about a cute little farcical fantasy and wrote "Interview with the Dungeon Master". Kind of a whimsical piece and I really enjoyed writing it. Several months later I started another episode using the same character only with a lot more background but got hung up on the ending. Noting the large change in background I started another episode to fill in between them hoping it would help with the other one. In a way it did, but while I was at it I had the great idea to start at the befinning and tell the whole story which I hadn't thought up at the previous time. Here's how it all worked out:

 So, the first three episodes became the middle and I wrote three more episodes to turn it into a complete (notice the use of the term 'complete') saga all about our young hero Parker Morley.

I don't know about other people, but one morning I woke up with this almost poetic tale of Morley watching as the Sun and the Moon argued. I tried laying it out as poetry but the combination of dialogue and poetic sequence just didn't look or sound right. So now its poetic prose I guess. 'In the beginning' starts with a young 8 year old Parker Morley; yes, he even has a first name now. All that along with a set of parents, some relatives from various places around the countryside,  and several other very interesting people as well.

M0 picks up the story several years later as Morley goes off to college at good ole Bendix University School of Journalism. This is a long section and I fashioned some very interesting parts into it somewhat based on antics I actually witnessed, or participated in, while in college; at least I thought I did? Let your imagination run with that one.

M1 or episode 1 (Interview with the Dungeon Master) picks up only a month or so afterwards as Morley begins his first job as a very junior reporter with the Daily Herald.

M2 was the second piece I wrote. I forget what I was shooting for but it ended up being about a beauty contest instead. While I was hung up on that one I tried a different tact and wrote M3. Later I realized M2 was meant to come between M1 and M3 to fill out some of the characters that had only been marginal until then.

M3 also known as "The Lord of Ahren Castle", is also a long piece and really builds up the relationship between Morley and Sandra. Which brings us to the ending sequence (Lovers Interlude). The upcoming wedding of their friends from college becomes the backdrop for the last episode in which Morley finally understands what a Master of the Marital Arts really is.

Then I went back through and filled in the rest of Miss Gloria's involvement in the whole scheme of things, she really does sort of her own character in an odd sort of way. The same goes for Ms. Meacham and her relationship with both Mr. Gabble and Sandra Bemish.  It seemed complicated at the time, but now it all makes sense.

In the process I changed the format several times and when I tried to bring all the pieces together together I learned that blanket replacements are not always a good thing. Trust me, open ended quotes are very time consuming to fix as first you must find them. I've submitted the manuscript to the 'Meat-grinder' as its called and should know fairly soon if its done or not.

Yes, if you've read this post to the bottom you'll note that I mentioned doing a complete Morley book. And I have got a good start on just that with this as yet titled project. This starts as young Parker Morley, aged 8, has already had the urge to be a journalist; even though his father does not approve. It continues through to his college days at Bendix University culminating with Senior week and the challenge of the Princess of Moag Award. His first weeks on the job where he is tasked with an Interview with the dungeon master. This is followed by an interview with the Lord of Ahren Castle and right now, finishes with Morley and the Beauty Pageant. There are many threads in the background that finally bring him to...   Well, that would be giving it away!

But, I can tell you this. I have had some new ideas and the ending has been written, only the bridge from the Beauty Pageant to the ending is left and it will be just as enjoyable as the other adventures he has along the way. A strange new awakening comes over our little hero as he begins to realize how he really feels for Sandra; and nothing like a wedding to make that abundantly clear as both he and Sandra become involved with their friends, Franklin and Berry's wedding. Morley is Franklin's best man, and Sandra becomes both the wedding planner and Maid of Honor. There is much for our young man to learn along with Sandra's mysterious past.

This next entry is an idea I woke up with one morning and it tormented me constantly until I wrote it down. I think the title tells it all, it is a fantasy story taking place in the kingdon of King Fortane involving a reporter named Morley whose assignment is to interview the Dungeon Master. I put this together in less than a week.
This is my first excursion into the world of fantasy as you may well guess by the title. Mr. Gabble, an editor for a local paper in the kingdom of King Fortane, has been given the assignment of doing a feature piece based on an interview with the Master of the King's Dungeon.
Now you may think this seems like an easy task, but Morley has no idea where the dungeon is or how to get there; but he knows someone who may. And that's when the fun begins as Morley literally drops into the dungeons to find himself face to face with the real Master of the Dungeon, Sergeant Tern Klugg. Together they descend through the several levels of the dungeon as the sergeant gives him the grand tour. Find out what happens to our hapless hero as he tries to survive 'Interview with the Dungeon Master'.
Available now at 


6/30/2015 - This is the second installment in the Morley series and finds our young and naive reporter out on another wild assignment, that of seeking an interview with none other than the Lord of Ahren Castle. Problem is no one has seen the lord in many, many years. Now, why did I write this one? Simple if you've already looked at what I had listed as the previous second installment. I had written a stupendously funny and graphic beginning and main body, but with a odd and somewhat unconnected, but extremely funny, part that introduced another character that was part of the main body. With the expanded set of characters and a weak link between those sections, I decided to write one to bring those characters to life before they get into the mayhem of the third story and to give me some time to figure out how I was going to pull it all together. This story is not the same as the other two stories  in that it is a bit darker and more emotional for our young hero.


3 Aug 2015 - This was the second Morley story I wrote, but it was unfinished and something about it bothered me. So, I set it aside and went on to other adventures such as dead mice in the closet, replacing the shower plumbing, and trading cars; so last night I decided to give it another go. A little editing and I got right back into it and finished it up with a very interesting ending; all except for one little piece, for which I don't have an answer, or question in this case, but hope to come up with a suitable one before long. Therefore, I have a couple of other story lines I want to pursue when I have the time.

After writing the first three adventures I decided it was time for a prequel to sort of set the stage for how Morley ended up working for Mr. XXX; and this meant going back to his college days.

Will there be others? Of course; I've already come up with a few other interesting plots.Perhaps I'll eventually write a complete volume on the Tales of Morley. Who knows? At this point, not even Me.