Friday, March 25, 2016

My Grandfather's Spaceship [Companion to the Cornish Talisman series]

12/28/2017 - Years end cleanup; deleted all but last post.

 Although I've considered this completed and only in need of one last edit, I'm still thinking it might need just a little more excitement. Maybe adding a few more cliff hangers so to speak; and that's for all you oldsters that remember movie serials where each weekly installment ended with a cliff hanger. That is a situation that puts either or both the hero and or his associates in peril.

6/27/2017 - My Grandfather's Spaceship
In all "My Grandfather's Spaceship" is a delightful tale starting off with piracy, a kidnapping, saving a damsel in distress, and riding off into the sunset after playing games with two F-15 jets. And that's just the beginning.