Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Ann - [ Chasm of Time Series ]

Litttle Ann - Chasm of Time Series

This is the latest version of the cover and is somewhat different from the original only in what it doesn't have. This one is just as good and simpler.

It has been a year since I last updated this blog. I have just recently found the time to revisit this book and possibly address some of the issues I've heard comments on.

I have gone completely through the text and made some minor revisions here and there. Most of the changes were modest; I found very few misspellings and only a couple of grammatical errors. After a few tweaks I'm satisfied with the story. Again, its beginning and ending were predefined by "For Lorne", the original manuscript it was cut from. I don't have a publication date yet, it will probably go in as an updated manuscript. I also plan to redo the cover as it is way to complicated; I tried to reference to much on the cover, it needs to be greatly simplified.

So, if you're a fan of this book, you should also be interested in what happens to Little Ann afterwards. Does she meet her intended, and has she met him before? These burning questions and much more will be revealed as her story continues in "Beyond the Chasm of Time".

The following is still mostly accurate but many changes are taking place with other parts of the series. See the Chasm of Time Series blog for more info. At some future point I will rearrange and remove some of the older portions dealing with this series.

There are now   5 distinct books comprising the Time Chasm stories; chronologically they are:
Time Chasm: Volume One:
1: "Beneath the Double Suns" which tells the story of the beginning of the empire; 
2: "Colony", which tells of the ill-fated flight of the For Lorne; 
3:"Little Ann", a short story about Ann Lyndes and her life growing up as an orphan; Ann grows up to be one of the main characters in "For Lorne" and "The 5th Agent"
Time Chasm Volume Two:

"For Lorne and The 5th Agent" written separately now combined as "Beyond the Chasm of Time"